Industriepark 22 9031 Drongen BELGIUM

General terms and conditions

The ecological handle for cans


  1. Not a single material, equipment, mould, process neither technical part, even invoiced is given up to the client. It remains in our works where it is well preserved without any costs for the client. However when it is unused during a period of a year, we will have the right to use it for other customers.
  2. Our studies, projects, drawings and documents must be considered as our sole property. They may not be communicated nor executed, even partly without our written agreement.
  3. Our prices are calculated loco our works, sold and payable at Drongen.
  4. The dispatch of the goods is executed at buyers costs and risks.
  5. Our invoices are payable at 30 days of invoice date net without discount.
  6. The ordered goods may not be refused and the break of an engagement can not be accepted.
  7. Claims about the delivered goods are to be introduced within 8 days after their reception, since they will not be accepted.
  8. Our delivery dates are indicated as an unspecified engagement and not any indemnity can be required for overdue deliveries, unless a special agreement well defined and accepted by both parties. All cases of force majeure resolve us from all our engagements.
  9. Each invoice unpaid at the due date gives us automatically the right to apply a 6% yearly interest. An indemnification of 20% of the invoice with a minimum of 25 € will be due as far as the debtor without any justification should fail to pay within 15 days of receipt of our registered letter.
  10. The one and only Court of Justice of Ghent is competent and qualified in case of contestation.
  11. All contracts concluded with our firm suppose that the buyer accepts the present clauses and our general sales conditions.